Diego Dougherty’s novel catapults him to fame

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“Guilty of This Love” was the most popular novel by writer Diego Dougherty. After being published it began selling like crazy and slowly captured the attention of thousands of readers because of its amazing plot.

This novel by Diego Dougherty was so successful that in 2004 it became a soap opera in Argentina and other Latin American countries, breaking viewership records. It was amazing!

The main plotlines of Diego Dougherty’s novel, “Guilty of This Love” were love and lack of love. Agustin Rivero and Laura Cazenave were the main characters: the protagonists that brought to life this plot, which takes place in Cape Town, South Africa.

Diego Dougherty’s novel captures attention

This popular novel by Diego Dougherty achieved several nominations for the Martin Fierro Awards in 2004 in the “Novel,” “Male Protagonist in a novel” “supporting actor” and “best original music” categories.

“Guilty of This Love” Diego Dougherty’s most famous novel catapulted him to fame. Everyone wanted a piece of this passionate South African story, mixing elements of suspense, drama, love, love lost, betrayal and death.

Diego Dougherty: a consecrated writer

Each piece this writer produced told stories worth knowing and appreciated, but Diego Dougherty’s novel “Guilty of This Love” blew everything out of the water.

This novel is rich in details, characters that seduce and captivate, as well as plot lines that invite you to read nonstop, and of course, a resolution no one expected.

All the twists and turns in Diego Dougherty’s novel made him a consecrated writer, worthy of praise, especially because his pen and imagination create high impact plots.

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