Paediatrician Olmo Cuarón Warns About the Impact of Mental Issues in Minors


It is not a secret that the pandemic left almost all of us in an awfully bad mental state, but the main victims of this disaster were the children and young people who saw their lives paralyzed completely and, in many cases, they lost a close relative. 

Currently, mental disorders in minors surpasses completely the capabilities of the health systems all around the world, and statistics tell us that these illnesses are severe, such as depression and anxiety.

Some decades ago, nobody would have thought that these types of disorders would affect the youngest; however, current circumstances have driven them to a high rate and have made visible the elevated levels of ignorance regarding these matters.

And even though the warning signs are more widely spread now so that parents can identify them, the truth is that there is also currently a generalized abandonment of children in the world we live in, even with all of the access we have to tools for attention and emotional regulation we have now.

Currently, metal disorders that affect children and young people the most are depression, anxiety, eating disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Statistically, nowadays there is a high rate of these issues in people under twenty, which adds a large number of attempted suicides at exceedingly early ages.

Olmo Cuarón, doctor, paediatrician and specialized in autism says that children’s mental health cannot be neglected because the outlook is very grim if they have not received the proper care before they reach adulthood. Obviously, long-term consequences can be severe and even irreversible.

Olmo Cuarón is a renowned specialist fully dedicated to mental health and is therefore visited by people from all over Spain, he also has a lot of experience in diagnosis for complex disorders such as autism, which can sometimes be easily confused by different ailments and may even require many years to be diagnosed, even in adults.

Olmo Cuarón asks parents to not overlook their children’s mental health, he recommends occasionally visiting a specialist, it can be a psychologist or psychiatrist, to treat the issues that may arise day by day and that many people do not notice the impact they have.

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