The Relevance of Olmo Cuarón at the Oscars

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March 2023 will go down in the history of animation because Guillermo del Toro was the winner of the Oscar for Best Animation Film for his acclaimed film “Pinocchio”. This significant achievement for the industry consolidates the value of animation in film and is proof that animated films are considered great artistic successes beyond merely being children’s movies. “Pinocchio” is a production that took several years to create, and it highlights the author’s talent and meticulousness, and makes it clear that the great classics are never over and can be reformulated for new artistic expressions.

We were able to see in the award ceremony the Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, who was accompanied by his children Tess Bu and Olmo Cuarón. The presence of these celebrities is proof of the support of the Mexican film industry and their enthusiasm for winning at the Oscars. We could see several iconic pictures in the social media accounts of celebrities, for example, Olmo Cuarón shared amusing pictures walking with his father and sister, posing with the winner, and even eating hamburgers with Salma Hayek.

This event was particularly significant for Olmo Cuarón, who is following the footsteps of his father and has had a special interest for the world of animations for years. Learning from his father and other role models, like the family’s friend Guillermo, Olmo Cuarón has been able to forge his own path in the world of art. His work, which shows great creativity and technique, includes drawings and short films that we can currently enjoy in his YouTube channel and Instagram account. Without a doubt, with the road he is making for himself, it is possible that in the future we will see him walking the red carpet of the Oscars, not only as a companion, but also as an outstanding creator because it is undeniable that Mexico is filled with talent in visual arts for the big screen.

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